Have you ever noticed when you go to a gym there are mirrors everywhere?

Have you ever wondered why?

Of course it could be to make the gym look bigger but, what else might it be for?

I’ve often observed men and women working out in front of the mirror at the gym and ignorantly attributed this to vanity.  However, it’s more than mere vanity causing them to do this.

The SIGHT of watching the muscles in their legs or arms etc. as they hold the squat or weight for a moment drives them to continue again and again.  They can’t help but watch.  They remember how it looked at that moment (a little bit like ‘HAPPY PLACE’).  The SIGHT of the muscle growing bigger at each workout session motivates them to continue and push themselves to higher limits and assist them visualise their desired results.   see also visual imagery.

 What other senses are being stimulated at this time?

The five senses.

1.       SIGHT

2.       SOUND

3.       TOUCH

4.       SMELL

5.       TASTE

It may simply be the SMELL of the perspiration in the gym motivating the person to push him/herself to really sweat it out, not being completely satisfied until their clothing smells of perspiration.  Maybe it’s a combination of smells such as linament and sports drinks.

TOUCH may be the feel of their rock hard abdominals or, feeling of their new runners as they spring across the spongy rubber matting.

They may enjoy the SOUND they make while exhaling after every step higher or, every kilogram extra they’ve managed to lift.

They may enjoy the thirst quenching TASTE of water, as it washes away the salty sweat from their lips.

Is it any wonder then that these people are on a high after their workout, with the adrenaline rush, running through their veins, the endorphins releasing the feel good hormones and feeling confident, happy and strong?

So, how can you replicate this without committing to a gym membership?

It’s easier than you think.  All of these things are available to you at any given time, no matter where you are or what you are doing.  The key is to practice noticing them in every day moments.

For example:  I am a runner.  You may ask, why run?

I enjoy the smell of the freshly mowed grass, the smell of blossom or, the eucalyptus hanging in the air above me.  I enjoy the taste of the chewing gum, keeping my mouth moist as I run further each day.  I enjoy the feel of my runners landing on the front ball of my foot on the hills.  I enjoy the cool breeze on my hot face as I continue to climb each hill.  I enjoy the sound of my breathing and notice how loud it has become as I reach the climax of each hill.  I enjoy listening to the birds singing in the trees (watching the magpies, checking to see if they are going to swoop).  I enjoy the beautiful gardens and watching the ducks on the lake.  I enjoy the sight of my shrinking waistline and the tightening of my muscles….and many more.

So the question is not, why run?  The question is:  why wouldn’t I run?

What other experiences do you have on a daily basis where you can tune into your senses?   What do you enjoy?  Try and remember something you have experienced for each of these senses TODAY. Focus now!  How did it feel when you stepped under the blanket of warm water in the shower this morning?  Or, when you step onto the cool kitchen tiles after a hot day in the sun?  The smell of the flowers as the spring blooms opened up.  What does Summer smell like?  Does it have a smell?  It depends on your own experiences.  What senses does Summer conjure for you?

Do you remember the feeling of swinging on a swing in the playground as a child?  Or, climbing the ladder to take another ride down the BIG slide…What did it feel like???  What sensations do you remember feeling on the slide or, swing?

List at least one for each of the five senses.

The more you add for each of the five senses, the more aware you are becoming and the more enjoyment you can derive from the experience.

Also see this visual imagery link

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