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JacquiFree Counselling Australia has a new direction and is now aiming to be a leading provider of quality online mental health information and resources. Jacqui will  continue to share with you free articles, links and tips here on Free Counselling Australia to improve your life and relationships.

Jacqui is still available for online counselling sessions through her new website


Jacqui is a qualified social worker & counsellor with a wealth of training and experience. Her expertise and passion is now focused on couples counselling and life coaching.

Jacqui works deeply with clients for profound transformation on the following topics:

  • Relationships and communication
  • Beliefs and values.
  • Releasing the past – hurt, barriers, blocks,
  • Forgiveness and empathy.
  • Emotional self management and control
  • Dealing with anger and frustration
  • Mindfulness and Meditation
  • Happiness and Connection
  • Career goals and vision setting
  • Depression and Anxiety
  • Family violence & saftey planning
  • Setting positive habits and rituals

Appointments can be made by making a phone call or by email, through her new webiste

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