5 Questions That Google Can’t Help You With! Only You Know The Answers.

5 Minutes to Set Goals

I recently published a series of images on social channels – each containing a question from my 5 minute planning template I use with my life coaching clients.

They are conveniently all presented here! So click on them, save them, print them and share them with your friends.

Take a moment to ponder your answers for each one.

Do you instinctively know the answers? or are you stroking your chin and thinking hmmm?

Either way, they are useful for ongoing goal / life check-ins, as well as a quick way to get started setting some goals. – Something is better than nothing.

Remember, its not all about goals either, its about reflecting on what you have achieved, the lessons learnt and making time to celebrate the small wins along the way.

One of my favourite questions is ” What one thing MUST I Stop doing”… So often we are trying to cram more and more into our day and to please everybody! This question is pivotal to setting new habits and making the time to get traction in your new direction.


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