10 Lessons From Amy Morin With James Altucher

The 10 lessons listed in this article really struck a chord, and I think they will with you too.  I think you will be able to relate many of these with your own life. Like number one. “School isn’t enough”... I think today more than ever you need to embrace life long learning – on a whole range of topics. Not just maths!….

Number 4, “Don’t wait until you feel broken”… Such a simple message, but why is it we often leave self-care until last?

Number 10, I found interesting and refreshing. “Live life like its everyone else’s last day”.... Amy goes on to say “… If I treat everyone else like today might be their last, then it’s like fuel for me to love them as best I can right now.”

For an interesting and inspirational read check out the rest of the article or listen to the podcast https://jamesaltucher.com/2017/10/amy-morin/

Have a Great Day!